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EV Charger Installation - All Types and Brands

EV Home Charger Installation NW Chicago Suburbs

MWO EV Home Charger Installation is one of the most skilled companies specializing in EV Home Charger Installation Streamwood. Our team of dedicated electricians are very well-versed in electric vehicle technology, and we provide a range of services for our customers, including residential charger installation as well as commercial electric vehicle charging station installations.

Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Station At Home

If you’re someone who drives electric or hybrid vehicles, then you should definitely remember that your vehicle will spend most of its time at your home. The installation of an electric vehicle charger can be a fantastic addition to that home because an EV or hybrid car will take far less time to charge when plugged in compared to a standard 110-volt wall plug. No matter what type of electric vehicle you drive, your home charging station design can greatly improve the overall time it takes for your vehicle to charge.

Home Charging Solutions: Understanding Level 1 and Level 2 Charging

There are 2 types of electric vehicle charging options; level 1 charging and level 2 charging.

Level 1 Charging: Convenient and Simple

Level 1 charging is a type of home charging for electric vehicles (EVs) that uses an electric vehicle charger Streamwood purchased, included with the car. This type of charging is simple and convenient as it only requires plugging one end of the charger into a standard 120V outlet, and the other end into the car. While the level 1 home charging station Streamwood installed is slower compared to other charging options, it can still charge an EV up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) in 20 hours.

Level 2 Charging: Fast and More Efficient

Level 2 charging is a faster and more efficient home charging station Streamwood solution compared to level 1. This type requires an EV home charger installation Streamwood service with a separate charger that is plugged into a 240V outlet, which allows for a charging rate that is 3 to 7 times faster, depending on the electric car and the charger. These chargers are available for online purchase and usually need to be installed by EV charger installers Streamwood. Level 2 chargers have an SAE J1772 connector, which is standard for most electric vehicles.

Benefits of EV Home Charging Station

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Charge At Home Without Queues

Having a home charging station Streamwood, is convenient and time saving. You can park your car next to the charging station, switch it on with your smartphone or your tablet and leave it to charge, or schedule charging. No more long queues at the gas station, or rising fuel prices.

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Charge At Home and Save Time

By installing an electric vehicle charger at home, you can ensure that you don't have to go elsewhere to charge your vehicle. You can just plug it in and leave it while you carry out other important jobs that need your attention. The most convenient way to charge and save time.

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Help the Environment

You can reduce your carbon footprint and more with a new charging station at home. Reduce global warming and be a role model for sustainability. Lead by example, reduce your carbon footprint and arrange EV charger installation Streamwood.